Friday, March 1, 2013

Slice of Life

I'm going to participate in the daily writing journey during March. This will be my first time. I so enjoy reading the stories written by others. It will be a great challenge for me, but here goes.

The first day of  March certainly arrived like a lion. My day began early because I was scheduled to visit elementary teachers at a school an hour away. When I went outside to load the car, it was covered with lots of wet snow. The temperature was above freezing so the roads were clear. I cleaned the snow from my car and headed south.

When I arrived at the school, I rang the buzzer to be invited in. That is a new procedure for 2013. The door to each classroom was also locked. I felt safe and the students seemed accustomed to having the door locked. Each classroom that I visited was a reflection of the teacher. The rooms were decorated in themes, selected by the teacher. A few themes I saw include a frog, ladybug, monkey and bee. The bulletin boards were filled student art work. The atmosphere was a good learning environment. Students and teachers were polite and respectful. I felt welcomed into each classroom. I witnessed positive interactions throughout my visit.

The teachers listened to my comments and shared some of the issues they were experiencing. The day was a successful one for me, I always learn so much when I go to school.

Here's to hoping March goes out like a lamb.


  1. Patricia, this was a wonderful post!
    I had to get here though, by clicking on your name and then guess the rest of your URL. After publishing your post, view it. Then look at your URL. It should say the name of your blog and then some hyphated words ( that are your title of the actual post). Copy and paste that unique URL into the slice of life comment box for others to follow. You need to do that with each slice you post. Each time you do it your URL will be different, but it will always start with the same "missivesfrommissouri". Here is Friday's unique URL:

  2. Hi Patricia! Welcome to the slice of life world. This month will be an adventure as you write and dive into reading and commenting on blogs. I have made many virtual friends through this. You caught my attention with your title, I'm in Missouri too. Yes, it was a cold day yesterday with flurries all day. I'm looking forward to more stories from you.

    1. Elsie,
      It's great to meet someone else from MO!

  3. Isn't that true -- classrooms are reflections of teachers. :) I'm glad you are joining us this year.

  4. Ruth,
    I have learned so much from following your blog. This will be a learning experience too.

  5. Welcome! You have made me think what a visitor would see in my room. Alas, quite a bit of clutter!


#SOL 2018 Day 31 Thank you, slicers.