Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Interesting writing in the #27 SOL posts drew me in today. I had some free time so I:

  • followed a couple more blogs
  • signed up for a newsletter
  • learned how to create a dream board
  • started an all year art journal
  • visited the Farmer's Almanac web page for the names and meanings of the full moons
  • watched a TED talk about our brains
  • learned how to combine color wheel opposites when combining outfits
  • created my own list of 10 things I have learned since I began teaching many years ago
  • commented on more posts
Is this the best learning community or what?

Thank you all for my learning and reflection today!


  1. I love the list - look at those verbs! You have been busy.

    1. Thanks, you made me smile. I didn't get as much work done for my deadline on Friday

  2. I have also gained a lot of knowledge from SOL. Isn't is great? I need to check out a couple of things on your list.

  3. I have so enjoyed SOL as well. There are so many great places to visit and posts to read - you could spend all day doing that!
    Glad you liked the dreamboards. I am addicted - and I really feel they focus me for the month ahead.

    1. I have created a vision or goal board, now on to a dream board. I really like the focus.

  4. THIS IS THE BEST AND SMARTEST GROUP OF NERDY TEACHERS AND WANNA BE WRITERS AROUND! I love your list...I learn and get ideas every day!

  5. Thanks, I agree. It has been so enjoyable.

  6. Love your list! Need to make mine, next week!


#SOL 2018 Day 31 Thank you, slicers.