Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Snapshot of 21st Century Nature Study - Scavenger Hunt

1. Producer - This picture was taken near the edge of a woodland on Peck Ranch Conservation Area. You can see lots of green plants with the sun shining in the background.

2. Consumer - I don't often get to take a picture of a live animal. This little guy had a nut and stopped to look closer so I had time to snap a picture with my I-phone. I was heading to a trail on Chalk Bluff on the Arkansas side of the St. Francis River. It is a cool spot that marks a Civil War Battle. The sides of the hills are white, chalky made of gypsum.

3. Something colorful - I was walking with my dog and searching for things in nature. I noticed lots of movement near the flower beds. I had to get on my knees to see what was it was. Trying to get a shot of this skipper was quite a difficult task. The skipper continually turned away from me. After several attempts, I finally got a picture showing the lovely coloration. You can get an idea of the size of the skipper because the bud looks large. I haven't yet identified the species of skipper. The family description says skippers are fast darting with stout bodies and relatively small wings.

4. Something important in nature - 
Rocky Glade
This is a picture of a glade on Peck Ranch CA. This glade is very diverse, it has more than 700 different kinds of plants. Look closely and you can see the rocky ground. It makes great habitat for sun loving reptiles too.
5. Something noisy - A river can be noisy or peaceful. On this particular day, the Mississippi looks calm and peaceful. I was high and dry on a backyard deck when I took this photograph. It is quite a view. If I lived here I would dream of adventures such as Mark Twain wrote about.
Mississippi River
6. Strange thing - I have seen and heard a red headed woodpecker in this tree. I can't get a picture though. Here is the evidence he was here, making holes to find insects.

7. Camouflage - 
This tulip poplar makes great hiding spots for birds of all kinds. The leaves block the midday sun so you can see details.

8. Interaction - a cool ladybug on a native plant, bee balm.

10. Something gross in nature - While poo is a natural occurrence, it did look ugly on the Crepe Myrtle bush.

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