Saturday, February 1, 2014


Today was finally above freezing so I took my dog, Ellie, for a leisurely walk in the woods. We were both looking for signs. Ellie had her nose right on the ground. She carefully inspected every small space around us, while I was scanning a larger area. Ellie never found anything to chase. She marked her territority more than once or simply had to go. I'm not sure Ellie found what she was looking for, but I could tell she enjoyed the time spent searching.

found several objects that drew my interest. Ice was still in the pond and I searched for the boat. It was near the water's edge, I finally saw it sitting under the water. Can you see it?

I was looking for signs indicating the arrival of spring is nearing. I tried to take pictures of samples of spring, budding twigs.

One was from a Sassafras, others were bushes I haven't yet identified. 

Our walk gave me hope that the arrival of spring is indeed near.

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