Friday, March 7, 2014

SOL #7

I was a bit frantic today because my sister was planning to spend the night with me. That wasn't the problem. The problem was the lady who cleans my house texted me she was sick and would not be able to work today. She didn't work last week either. Wow, I thought. I had been working the past 2 nights on getting things ready. However I was counting on her to do the last minute things such as dust and vacuum. I started early this morning, worked during lunch and got things looking pretty good. It was a good thing I had worked the past 2 evenings. I hate that I'm ok with things not being put in their place until I have company. Then I want everything put away in its place. I think it might be related to procrastination. The last minute I can clean house like a raging wildfire. If that happened every night for an hour, I would have a clean house. Maybe I'll try.

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