Sunday, December 28, 2014

Book tree for Christmas



I saw this idea for a book Christmas tree on another blog and wanted to make one. I love books, have lots of them so it felt appropriate for me. I usually have a tree in lots of rooms in my home and I thought this looked simple.  It made the sixth one, if I count the all trees, small and undecorated. This year I felt Christmas came way too fast for me. I am a procrastinator so I'm never completely ready early, but time seemed to slip away too quickly. 

I can think of several reasons why each day and week flew past.

1. My work kept me very busy, I travelled 1000 miles the first week of December
2. My husband had dr appointments with 2 new doctors
3. I had a root canal
4. My husband was in the hospital
5. We both had a virus
6. I was deep cleaning the house because company was coming
7. Family members had December birthdays that were celebrated
8. I was having repair work done in the house
9. Shelving was being installed in the barn loft.
10. Both required extra clean up
11. Fall leaves needed blowing, raking & burning one afternoon
12. Did I mention how busy I was with work? 
13. My brother started the celebrating at his house on Dec. 20.

When Christmas Eve arrived I had to buy a few groceries so I could  cook dinner for our guests. Weather was rain mixed with snow and that made it feel like Christmas. Later we opened gifts and watched the highest grossing movie of 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a nice time visiting with our son and his new family. 

Christmas morning I prepared the turkey for roasting and our guests made sticky rolls for a nice breaksfast. At 1:00 pm we took the food to my Father-in-law's house and enjoyed lunch for 33. The first great nephew asked the blessing. After lunch we opened gifts. I bought books for the 8 grand nieces & nephews. I tied bows around the books instead of wrapping them because I wanted the children to see it was a book and not a toy. I worried about them being disappointed in receiving a book, but smiled as I saw one father reading the book to the youngest great nephew, who just turned 1 on December 11. 

Christmas night I cooked dinner for my brother, two of my sisters and their families at my house. We had a nice time visiting, sharing memories and catching up with family stories. 

It finally felt like Christmas, the rush, excitement, non stop cooking, visiting with family, giving and receiving gifts. 

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