Sunday, March 29, 2015

Family time to celebrate a soon to arrive addition

My niece hosted a shower for friends & family for her sister-in-law, baby due in 5 weeks. Niece is a brave soul, she just this week completely moved into her house, both she and husband have full time jobs in education and they've been working on refurbishing the house for a couple of months. They had worked the entire week to have everything perfectly placed. Her dad drew a nursery scene on her chalk painted wall. She was a fantastic host, creating activities for guests and serving delicious food. She had a special table for three young children she expected to attend, it was stocked with crayons and pictures to color. But 15 children showed up! 

She had placed colored sharpies next to a tub of small diapers and a poem about leaving a clever note for the parents when awakened at 2 am for a diaper change. Niece had gone to great lengths.

When I arrived with my daughter-in-law we were taken on tour of the house. In the master bedroom we found 3 girls with heads stick under the bed desperate to reach something. I asked if the kitty was there. They said it was. I said the kitty was frightened and they should go away. My sister told them the kitty might bite them. Then a young boy comes in the bedroom with a cupcake and climbs on the bed with Mom in tow. Sister repeated to the mother the kitty might bite. The girls needed to go elsewhere. Children went outside on the patio area. Doors kept slamming shut as kids went in and out. The only parents monitoring children was two other nieces pictured with their young boys. 

Later as the honoree was opening gifts, we noticed outside the window and saw many children climbing over the deck railing. Someone asked if anyone was watching the children. Niece said, "No, but a train is coming, it is ok! She added, "I deal with 18 year olds (HS English teacher)." Her sarcasm was lost, not one moved to correct any improper behaviors. 

The lack of control of children is extremely difficult for a family of teachers (6) to witness, but we quietly held our exasperation. Misbehaviors ruined the atmosphere for the shower, not to mention her beautifully decorated house. 

After the guests left, niece's husband arrived, she met him outside spilling her emotions. He was also incredulous to hear about the large number of misbehaving children. 

What happened to the days of, "stay off the bed! "Don't slam the door!" "Make up your mind, in or out!" "Sit still and act like a little lady" If you show out, you will not be allowed to go again". . .

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  1. Fantastic birthday party!! The truck theme is looking awesome plus your arrangements are amazing too. Have never tried such an amazing theme but would love to do it for my nephew’s birthday at one of Seattle venues. Will look for more ideas.