Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SOL # 11 Whoa! Let's enjoy spring.

Finally it seems that spring arrived. Temperatures are nearing 60 and the sun is shining down on the muck left from all the snow. I took it as a nudge to put a spring wreath on my gate. I wrapped the light post with silk forsythia blooms. I cleaned the garage. I did this all on my lunch break. I don't usually come home during lunch, but the glorious weather was calling to me. I'm excited to get the patio ready for more time spent outside. The radio announcer said summer was 102 days away. Whoa! I want to enjoy every day of spring. Let's not rush this season. I'll mark the Vernal Equinox with a celebration. First I must figure out what I can do. I know traditions abound, so I will search the web, read some books and get an idea that is meaningful for me. I'll get back to this blog when I have selected how I can celebrate the onset of spring.

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  1. Today was an epicly nice day. I hope you haven't jinxed it by cleaning the garage. LOL!


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