Friday, March 13, 2015

SOL for Day 13 environmental education

Toady at work I watched a free webinar about environmental education on Blackboard, presented by Green Teacher. The presenters, Jeff Chandler and Christine Voyer were great, they provided lots of good resources about environmental education week. EEWeek usually coincides with Earth Day.This year EE week is April 19 through 25. You can register to participate at Free materials abound, many can be used to incorporate non-fiction reading with all subjects and provide a real life application. I'm finding it difficult not to make this an advertisement, but this topic is what I do!

Their discussion focused on invasive species. The information was just what I needed. I'm planning a presentation on citizen science projects this summer and they covered so much of what I should include. Now I have more to add to my talk. I also found a book I need to to purchase. 

Christine suggested If you are interested in starting a citizen science project with your students, you should start small. I agree. You can find great information at several web sites:; Inaturalist ; budburst;; projectnoah... Christine works in Maine with a project called vital signs. You can find lots of lessons there too. 

I ended the webinar thinking this topic would make a great teacher workshop this summer! 


  1. Vital Signs is awesome! I teach 5th grade so can't participate. We are a tad too young. But am thinking of doing some citizen science. Maybe the Great Sunflower Project or Birds in our Back yards. Thanks for posting. Citizen science is the best!

  2. It warms my heart to hear that you love Citizen Science projects! I know your students learn about their world.


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