Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 30 SOL #2017 Where I'm From

This format comes from two places today
1. Where I'm From by George Ella Lyon
2. Ms. G's Slice

I'm from the cotton fields of the Missouri Bootheel
From chopping the cotton in the summer
I'm from accidentally cutting down a cotton stalk
When a Hog Nose snake appeared
I'm from greedily drinking from the water jar at the end of the row
Ice water put in a fruit jar and wrapped with newspaper earlier that morning
I'm from a 6 week cotton vacation for picking the cotton with my family
Dragging the canvas sack on my aching shoulder,
The sack gaining weight as I went down the row
I'm from tromping the cotton
Mashing the fluffy, white cotton after we dumped our sacks into the trailer
I'm from using the money made from picking cotton to buy school clothes
With help from Grandma and Grandps stuffing cotton into my sack

I'm from the one room school
Where I began my educational journey
I'm from a pitcher pump for water, a cellar door for sliding
And the outhouse behind the school
I'm from moving school to school to school
From knowing how to work math problems to being placed in the low reading group
I'm from report cards saying, "Patricia must work harder"
From one teacher telling me, "You are as smart as those other girls"
I'm from settling in the Ozark foothills
From not moving any more
I'm from life-long learning, education is important
From elementary education degree to counseling degree, to educational leadership degree
I'm from teaching in the district I graduated
From counseling to being an administrator in that district

I'm from nature walks inhaling the scents
From eyeing nature's bounty
I'm from writing in handmade journals
From a family of 5 kids so I resorted to hiding them under my bed
I'm from fishing with cottonseed cakes
From catching a few catfish for dinner
I'm from red cowgirl boots
From going to the rodeo and cotton carnival
I'm from applying skills and passion to an occupation
From conservation education as a consultant


  1. What a beautiful poem that illustrates your life so well. I was drawn in right from the start. I, too, remember cellar door slides. :) Thank you for sharing this slice of your life.

    1. Thank you! Nice to hear of someone with a similar memory!

  2. I love the poetry and your life story!

  3. I love the poetic format...and what a journey. I was captivated, eager to read from one line to the next. This was an awesome slice, Pat!