Monday, October 29, 2012

My Me Manifesto

Wordle: Me Manifesto I created this Wordle to explain my "Me Manifesto" about education. It describes my beliefs about learning. This is the first challenge in the list of 30 Goals for 2012, from Teacher Reboot Camp at this website: A lot has changed since I first began my teaching career. I've written several papers in an attempt to develop, identify and revise my personal educational philosophy during the 35+ years. This was the simplest format I have ever completed. Next I may try to create a short video in "Storybird" or "Animoto". There are so many new challenges in the world today, I wonder how anyone can tire of learning. I've always thought learning was a lifelong journey. To be successful in the attempt I think the learner must be an active participant. Find a passion and let it direct the journey. Don't be reluctant to strive to find answers to your questions. Learn from and with others, learning really explodes when it becomes a social, collaborative activity.


  1. Pat, what year was this! Amazingly long career you have had and you don't look a day older!

    1. That's funny because the picture was taken in 2006 when I first started in my current position. The preschool students were making the butterfly cycle.