Monday, February 18, 2013

Personal Learning Network

Recently I attended a tech conference that encouraged me to create a PLN for me and my coworkers.

Educators so often work in isolation. It is very apparent to me when teachers get together for a staff meeting or training session because they have so much talking to get out of the way before they are ready to attend to the speaker.

Social media has allowed teachers to connect without leaving their homes. Twitter is one fast paced networking tool that I have used to connect to other educators. After seeing how a PLN can be created, I think it would be a useful tool in my current job.

Here is a great web site with tips for creating a professional learning network.

Check out Kathy Schrok's guide to PLNs

At the tech conference I attended a session with Shelly Terrell and here is a link to her web site with information about creating a PLN

My next step is to attempt a PLN and invite coworkers. We could be connected before nightfall.

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  1. ThAnks for sharing the web sites. I am extremely interested in this topic but don't know where to begin.


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