Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Future Studio

This is the south facing view from the loft studio/apartment I am in the process of completing. I took this picture in February and plan to continue taking pictures of the view so I can document seasonal changes.

The room has plenty of natural light. I plan to have lots of shelves to store books and supplies.  The area will provide workspace room so I can work on various projects. It will also have a kitchen, sitting area, bath and a Murphy Bed for overnight guests.

I've collected pictures of other studios for inspiration. The goal is to have the space completed before June.  Right now I have lots of stuff in the upstairs hall. It's scattered on my desk and not conducive to creating or concentrating. I hope to use the studio as a place to relax, dream, read, teach and create.

Here you can see part of the south facing window and one of the higher windows along the sides.

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