Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slice of Life Day 20

Throughout the month of March, I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. The goal is to write a daily post during the month. This is my second year to participate.
To celebrate the arrival of spring, my dog and I walked to the woods. I needed gloves because my fingers get cold and boots because the ground is muddy. I grabbed my camera, put a collar on my dog, slipped a leash in my pocked for good measure and we were off. We excitedly walked trails made by wildlife. I stopped to tie the purple plastic ribbon around trees at the edge of my land to signify "No Hunting". I think a couple of ribbons had been shot off the trees. They were still knotted but separated by rough edges. One was particularly difficult to reach so it took me a bit longer than I expected. When I turned around to make sure my dog was with me, she was gone. I listened for the jingling noise the tag on her collar makes, nothing. I started calling her name, nothing. I began walking, stopped to listen one more time and heard water splashing. I headed through the brush toward the pond and behold, there she was. She was enjoying her dunk in the water, spinning around, getting a drink and even sitting in the water. I found a clear spot so she could see me and she came to meet me. Could I count this as her second bath in as many days?

Ellie enjoying the first day of Spring, 2014

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  1. Awww, fun times with a cute dog! That makes me happy!


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