Monday, March 10, 2014

SOL Day # 10 Celebrating Birthdays

Yesterday we had a family get-together to celebrate several March birthdays. Even though I was exhausted from traveling, I was excited to visit with everyone, all 38 in attendance. We had a buffet with chicken, pork, salad, fruit, pie, and cupcakes, all quite delicious.

For one sister-in-law, it was her first venture out since her knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago. Two grand nephews turned 2 years old on March 5 and 9, one nephew would be 23 on the 10th and his dad will be 70 on the 16th.

A niece and I sat with several of the young children to create with play dough. All three of the two year olds used plastic knives and learned to cut long strips. The 4 year old girl made flowers and decorated a Christmas tree. The 5 year old boy created a wall of bricks. The six year old, walked around the table without taking part. The newest baby slept as we took turns holding him. Great Grandpa watched over the group and shared in the story telling.

That isn't the end of March birthdays, we will have another party to celebrate those near the end of the month.  And then we will set a date for April.

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