Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Minute Shopping Ideas

THE 12 LAST MINUTE GIFTS OF NATURE <BR>And Now for a Completely Different Shopping Experience

The ideas expressed in this article would also make great birthday gifts, a special reward day at school, or activities for bad weather days. I have modified the list with classroom full of students as my focus.

Number 1 - a coupon book for time to chose an approved activity is always a fun, unique gift.

Number 2- a techno fast for the day provides a new prospective for the digital natives in the world today.

Number 3 - building a miniature tree house, fort, or nature scape requires cooperation and trial and error, skills.

Number 4 - teachers can create a GOAL bag (get outside and learn) to be used during a classroom hike. Include an air thermometer, hand lenses, notebook and pencil, ruler, camera, bug collection boxes, etc.

Number 5 - planting seeds (sunflower, acorns, etc.) in the classroom can encourage scientific exploration.

Number 6 - instead of purchasing a park pass, you could take students on a virtual park visit or find grants that pay for class field trips.

Number 7 - use an old blanket to make a small tent in the classroom, let students use it for individual reading or writing.

Number 8 -bring in nature items you have collected on a hike such as acorns, galls, insects in a bug box, leaves, sweet gum balls, shed antlers, snake skin, turtle shells, etc. Be sure to collect items from areas that allow collection, most parks do not. Most bird feathers can't be collected because they are protected under federal guidelines.

Number 9 - take students to the library and help them find an appropriate, related book to check out.

Number 10 - read an appropriate chapter book every day during a part of the class time.

Number 11 - write about a place in nature that you love, share with students and have them write about their special places.

Number12 - be present, show your curiosity, your infectious attitude will permeate the group.

I would love to teach classes that encourage students to get outside and learn! Every day!

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