Saturday, February 28, 2015

Slice of Life 2015 #1

How can it be March, already? I planned to get a jump on writing for a daily slice of life. I started a draft last week, well before March 1. The first day of March is slipping through my hands. I spent the morning organizing tax papers, reading some interesting slices, enjoying a late lunch, and shopping for a few necessities before more bad weather. Well, that last item was not enjoyable because it was crowded and the roads are lined with dirty black piles of snow/ice. The day slipped away from me and now it is time to prepare for another work day. Ok, tomorrow, I promise to myself that I will do better. 


  1. Dirty black piles of snow and ice. I can relate. Our dirty piles are covered with white ones thanks to today's snowfall.

    Your slice reminds me... I have to make a phone call re: MY taxes tomorrow!

  2. March 1st sneaked up on me, too. I am so happy to leave the cold snowy month of February behind, but I didn't realize that I would be leaving it behind so soon! Hopefully, those dirty piles of snow and ice will be replace with green grace and flowers very soon! Happy Slicing!