Thursday, March 5, 2015

SOL #5 Home of the Runestones

Last fall I was riding with a group of workshop attendees through rural Oklahoma and saw a school sign, "Heavener, Home of the Runestones". No one had heard of a runestone. We have athletic teams with animal names: bears, bobcats, beat cats, hornets, red hawks, etc. Using my cell phone, I went straight to Wikipedia and began a search. I found very interesting information that lead to more questions by everyone riding along. We couldn't believe Norsemen actually lived in Oklahoma.

The next day I found a video clip on You Tube. I was excited because I could actually see the site and hear how to correctly pronounce Heavener.

A day later another group member sent an interesting link that more thoroughly explained current beliefs. You never know when you will encounter such a controversial history lesson. And it had no relevance to the workshop we had just attended. Teachers never stop learning.


  1. Well now I am curious! I have heard of runestones, but a mascot in OK? Can't wait to look up more on this!

  2. Curiosity heightened! Thanks for the enticement.

  3. Curiosity heightened! Thanks for the enticement.

  4. You learn something new everyday. We are life long learners


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