Friday, March 6, 2015

SOL# 6 Healthy eating and good taste can occur together.

On our second month of avoiding gluten, dairy and various other unhealthy foods, I was looking for something healthy to satisfy my husband’s sweet craving. Almond flour, oat flour, and nuts had been purchased so I tried to create a healthier version of chocolate chip cookies.  I used olive oil instead of butter, mixed 1/3 cup of almond flour with 2/3 cup of oat flour in with 2 eggs, baking soda, salt, vanilla, ¾ cup of Splenda, ¾ cup of brown sugar and a small amount of chocolate chips. The consistency was the same but I had to taste the batter. That was my first mistake. I added some pecan chips and could not stop eating as I waited for the first batch to bake.  It seems not only my husband has a sweet craving.

The cookies browned beautifully and I took 3 small cookies to my husband. He was going to share them with me and I told him I had already eaten that many in batter. I did taste one baked cookie and was pleasantly surprised, they were crisp and tasty.

After cleaning up the dishes, I told my husband I could not do that again because I felt as though I had gained 5 pounds. The next morning I sent the rest of the cookies to work with him. His coworkers (2 brothers and 3 nephews) would be the true test.  
He came home at lunch and said they loved them!


  1. Yippie! Isn't it wonderful when a new recipe turns out?

  2. Yippie! Isn't it wonderful when a new recipe turns out?


#SOL 2018 Day 31 Thank you, slicers.