Monday, March 9, 2015

SOL #9 changes in the Post Office

Going to the post office is no longer fun. We had a wonderful, caring postmaster for several years. He spoiled everyone in our small community of 750. If you forgot your box office key, no worry, he would hand your mail to you. Now a sign is posted that reads, "We will not hand mail to you across the counter, it is illegal." The people working there do not know my name. They give me my sister-in-law's mail even when it is properly addressed. We just happen to have the same name. I politely introduced myself to them as I handed her mail back to them. I told them her correct address was on the package. And I told them our small community has three people with my name. And we all have different addresses.

The local (50 miles)sorting facility was closed. Our mail travels150 miles one way before it is delivered and sometimes it has to travel that distance back.  Whew, it isn't really fun to go in the post office. 

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