Thursday, March 19, 2015

SOL Day 19 as teachers we keep trying to help our students achieve.

I saw a TV documentary, Teach. It was made in 2013 about the daily lives of 4 public school teachers during the 2012-13 school year. All of us could have been a part of this. It is a powerful video that shows struggles encountered every day. Struggles not only encountered by teachers but also struggles that students face. 

When I taught elementary students who were diagnosed with learning disabilities, I felt their daily struggles. Composing a short, friendly letter in response to one I had written them was a difficult task. I recognized their efforts and thought unlike me they could not simple leave the struggle at school, they took it home with them every night in every task they attempted. It might be cooking, or grocery shopping with parents, or trying to make sense of all their school subjects. I felt their struggles and tried to celebrate their successes. 

One teacher in the documentary summarized, "Their failures are my failures." 

Another commented, " I teach to see the twinkle in their eyes."

"The tests will never show their daily successes."

The documentary reveals the teachers' everyday challenges. Some have great successes, others smaller successes, but we all keep trying.

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  1. I watched this documentary narrated by Queen Latifah, and I too was moved. Thanks for reminding me of some powerful truths. My favorite line was, "The test will never show their daily successes!"


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