Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SOL Day24 Trip to Dr.

Just a follow up, but another early morning drive of 150 miles. We saw a new sign, incident area. We wondered about it, I checked my phone and read about an accident that happened at 6:40 am with the interstate closed ahead.  

Within just a few miles we came upon all the stopped traffic. We crept inch by foot for the next 20 minutes. Again I looked at my phone for an alternate route. The next exit was 1.5 miles ahead where we could take another road. When we neared that exit all traffic was being re routed up the ramp, over and down the ramp. We saw the problem. It was a burned up 18 wheeler. Emergency vehicles were trying to secure the area. It looked awful. We were back on track to make the Dr. Appointment. As we neared the city, rain started and the sky was grey and bleak. Traffic was slowing to a crawl in spots. Luckily the we were getting close to the doctor's office so we made it just on time. 

The visit was uneventful, no changes. Good thing no blood pressure was checked!

The rest of the day is ours to have lunch and shop for shoes before heading back home.

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  1. Shop for shoes should lower the blood pressure for sure. I hate the unexpected when you have to be somewhere at a certain time. I always try to build in traffic delay time, but you can't predict that. Glad you made it on time.