Sunday, March 15, 2015

SOL for day 15 we haven't moved in 28 years

The house we live in was our second house. Our first house was in a small town where we both worked. I wanted to build a house in the country. My dad helped us buy 20 acres about 4 miles out of town and we finally agreed to start building the house of our dreams. We had to dig a well, create a driveway, and select just the right spot., 220 feet off the highway. It took almost a year to get the house built. The first carpenter got a job teaching so he had to stop. We tried to do as much as we could. Our friends helped us stain the woodwork. We finally moved during a snow storm and my house plants suffered. 

A year later we were blessed to adopt a little baby boy. The house wasn't planned with children in mind, so we adjusted. We moved from our upstairs bedroom to the one on the main floor because I was afraid I might fall while carrying the baby up & down. When we moved back upstairs, I used old quilts to block the spindles in the stairwell from a crawling boy. 

We adjusted and made the house fit our needs. We had many years of birthday parties, family dinners and overnight guests. We added rooms, rearranged rooms, and made repairs through the years. 

That boy moved out 6 years ago but his room was just cleaned out last fall. That's when he got married. 

Now we are adjusting again. Hosting weekend guests and having family dinners, as always. 

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  1. Homes have a way of adapting to the needs of the residents. Who knows, one day you may need a spot for a grandchild.