Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SOL for Day 17 you can't the country out of me

Today I had to drive quite a distance to visit with a teacher. I had two options for my route. One route was 25 miles longer, a divided highway and the speed limit was 65 MPH. The other route was 2 lane highway all the way. I chose the two lane highway, with curves and hills. I love driving through the winding roads, especially when the weather is nice. Today the sun was shining, I could put the window down a bit to let the fresh air in. Seeing the sunlight stream through the trees reminded me of an impressionist painting. I thought I would take the other route on my way back, but when I should have turned toward the divided highway, I kept going toward the two lane highway. I met very little traffic on my chosen route. I enjoyed the view going and coming. People you meet wave or nod. I feel comfortable taking the back roads. "Country roads, take me home."

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