Sunday, April 17, 2016

Waste not

The NaPoWriMo day 17 prompt: 
find, either on your shelves or online, a specialized dictionary. This could be, for example, a dictionary of nautical terms, or woodworking terms, or geology terms. Anything, really, so long as it’s not a standard dictionary! Now write a poem that incorporates at least ten words from your specialized source.

I used a dictionary of Native Americsn terminology to write the poem below. 

Use everything, waste nothing
Bast woody fibers used to
Make cordage for baskets
Sinew from deer used as
Sewing material and bow strings
Beaver teeth used as 
Cutting tools and amulets
Quills from a porcupine used as
Decoration and weaving
Rabbit stick carved from an oak used to
Throw at small game
Ramada branches used to
make a sun shade
Spool carved from sandstone used in
Tuckahoe plants used as 
Edible roots
Sagamite made into
Hot liquid mush
Da nebo, it is finished

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