Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Slice of Life I'm trying to carve out writing time?

I've been participating in StoryStorm for this month. The goal is to write an idea for a picture book every day this month. Each day we have been blessed with encouragement and inspiration from successful authors. They provided us with a wealth of tips for mining ideas for stories. Finally yesterday, one author suggested only with follow through will we discover which ideas are actually worthy of being made into a book.

I've paid attention to what occurs in my daily life. A smart tip. I've listened to children. Another good tip. And I've gleaned a few ideas. Today I wanted to sit my butt in the chair. One of the more practical tips. My goal was to develop one of my ideas.

First I needed to schedule the payment of  my monthly bills. Why does it take so much time to schedule paying bills? Slow internet, remembering passwords, organizing bills, all take time. Before I knew it, it was noon. I had some errands to complete so I took a break.

I think I'll be working later tonight.


  1. Wow - I can't even imagine "The goal is to write an idea for a picture book every day this month." - overwhelmingly fantastic! Hope you are having fun with this!

  2. This is such a great slice. It reflects daily life of a creative yet regular sort of person. We want to do our creative stuff, but the everyday stuff gets in the way!

  3. This is the same thing that happens to me with both my art and writing. It always gets pushed to the back burner. My goal this year is to push everything else to the back burner. Story Storm sounds fun. I know you will write a book! :)