Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Memory SOL#28

I am the oldest in the family of four girls and one brother, the youngest child. Our house was always full with busy parents and extra kids. When we moved out and began having our own families, we thought it was important to have family dinners, especially during the holidays. We all thought it was important to stay close even if Mom was not with us.

The grandchildren consisted of 6 boys and 2 girls, which was quite different from our family. Our get-togethers always seemed loud and boisterous. One Easter weekend I volunteered to have everyone at my house on Saturday afternoon to dye the eggs. All 8 children sat on their knees in the chairs around the dining room table. My sisters had prepared 8 cups of dye and 8 egg holders so each child would have his or her own to start with. Then they could trade colors.

One nephew who was about four, had difficulty using the egg holder. With so much excitement, no one noticed his problem until his mom saw his blue fingers. He had put down the egg holder, having more success using his hands. The ony problem was every finger on both hands was dyed a shade of Robin's egg blue. His mom was not happy and quickly went to work attempting to return his fingers back to their normal color. She couldn't take him to church on Easter Sunday with blue fingers. Poor little guy, his fingers were red from scrubbing. At least they were not Robin's egg blue.


  1. What a fun memory. I teach a Young 5's class, for about 30 seconds I thought about dying eggs, then quickly abandoned the idea.

  2. I know, I love dying the eggs, but with some else's kids, it might be a catastrophe.