Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My bucket list SOL#5

I postponed writing this slice the entire day. I read slices by others and commented, hoping for inspiration. Finally at 8 pm, I found Julie's SOL for today, her bucket list. Perfect, several of the things on her list were things I have on a dream board. So that's what I can write about, create a bucket list. Here is the beginning of my bucket list:

  • Re-visit Hawaii
  • Visit Rome, Paris and Costa Rica
  • Buy a beach house on the Gulf of Mexico
  • See the polar bears in Churchill, Canada
  • Create drawing & using water colors to paint a portrait of my Golden Retriever, Ellie 
  • Retire - soon, maybe even before the curriculum I'm working is revised
  • Improve my piano skills
  • Visit schools in other countries
  • Start a school
  • Build a native plant garden
  • Write children's picture books - get back to work on a story I started
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise and get toned
  • Have coffee with... I've gotta work on this because many of the people I admire have passed on.
Thanks, Julie.


  1. Quite a list! Adventure, big and small!

  2. Yes, I was feeling adventurous when I created the list. Now I'm feeling less so, thing I should have tempered my list by including things within reach. But I still want to add visit Machu Picchu!

  3. I got to Rome, it was amazing! Hire a private driver and you'll see so much more!

  4. Lori, thank you for the great advice. I will remember that. I do think creating a dream board helped me focus on my goals. Maybe this list will help me achieve the goals I named.


#SOL 2018 Day 31 Thank you, slicers.