Monday, March 25, 2013

Tribute to Grandma Lillie Pearl SOL#25

I remember . . .

Your quick speech, always in a hurry
Your fried fruit pies, buttermilk biscuits and grease gravy
All the time you spent talking with your grandchildren.

The strict diet you kept while cooking our favorite foods
Always tithing to your church, donating to TV preachers and taking us to church
Wearing slacks under your dress to church when it was cold

Words . . .


Things . . .

Crystal Jewelry

Stories . . .
The huge, long belt you kept rolled up to always remember your weight loss
Going on the train to help family members
Of growing up without a mother and becoming a mother to 3 little girls overnight

And how you let us rummage through your dresser drawers
And save newspapers with articles you thought we should read
You always made us feel loved

We miss you, Grandma. I will always love you.


  1. oh wow...what a wonderful woman, it sounds like you were a wonderful recipient of her love and care and that you will teach the lessons to those that you love xo

  2. Having a great grandma and getting the chance to be a great grandma is one of life's best blessings!

  3. Thanks for posting this. My Grandmother would have been 91 on March 27th. She died 5 years ago and we still miss her very much!!

  4. Your grandma sounds like an amazing woman...and how wonderful to celebrate her this way.

  5. Your grandma sounds wonderful. I hope someday I'm as good a grandma.

  6. Grandma was very unique, always busy and showing us how much she cared for us. I am glad you got that sense of her from the poem. I, too, hope I can be a good grandma when I get an opportunity.


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