Thursday, March 21, 2013

Using Technology SOL#21

Today as I was driving between school visits, I was thinking about the SOL for today. In my review of the day, I was comparing the culture in the schools I had visited. Simply entering the building provides me with clues about the environment. The tone of the secretary, attitude of the teachers, accessibility of the principal are a few observations I noted. I know it isn't fair to judge a school culture by one visit and I usually get an accurate feeling after several visits.

I was driving and didn't want to forget my thoughts so I grabbed my phone to record my thoughts. I couldn't remember how to access the microphone, so I asked Siri. She said she could open notes and record my message. I said,"Ok".  So as I was driving to the next school I was recording my thoughts hands free. Technology is amazing!

Later I was reviewing the notes I had to laugh. I realized my speech created some errors. Either I was slurring words, speaking too fast, or allowing the southern drawl to be too obvious. I was impressed because the microphone for notes recognized the correct use of the word " too".

I'm not sure which was better: planning my blog ahead of the deadline or using the microphone in notes to record my thoughts. Maybe I can finish my thoughts on school culture in another blog.


  1. This was funny. Technology can be so helpful...and yet so surprising for us. I like to hear the different ways we all come up with topics for our blogs. This one was priceless. Jackie

  2. Jackie,
    Thank you. Isn't it funny how the topics develop through the day. I can't count how many times I've changed the direction of my post.

  3. I'd like to learn more about how your determine the culture of the school.

  4. Ha, that is funny. I have often thought about doing this, I need to figure out how to do it on my phone. It would be great to be able to speak some notes throughout my day!


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