Sunday, March 3, 2013

Viewing Eagles SOL #3

The first weekend in February, we scheduled an event for everyone to learn about and view eagles in the wild. It was a success with 800+ school children and 600+ public visitors attending the presentation with a Golden Eagle and a Bald Eagle, traveling to viewing scopes to see eagles in the wild and viewing their nests. During that weekend we had about 50 eagles around the area, which is quite a good number when you remember that eagles have been on the endangered species list for some time.

This picture shows a scraggly tree standing beside the state highway I drive on my way to work. I've often seen a lone eagle perched in it but yesterday around 6 pm I saw 4 eagles! My husband turned around so I could take a picture of this amazing event. Very cool experience.


  1. Thanks for the blog and picture. Where is this? My mother was from Keokuk, Iowa and every January they have Eagle Days with all sorts of activities. I have made it to only one, and missed the one this year. I have gone back and gotten some pictures of the Eagles...just like yours...sitting in a tree looking majestic and important.

  2. How very cool to capture that picture. I have seen one in a tree and I've kicked myself for not trying to take a picture of it.

  3. Please tell your husband thanks for me. Last year my class watched the Decorah eagles often on our Smartboard.


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