Monday, March 28, 2016

SOL #16 Day 28

This year, I've failed to write every day for this challenge. I just couldn't do it. I ask myself why. I told myself I was busy. I thought I didn't have anything to write about. My writing didn't measure up to what I expected. My writing seemed troubled and I don't show that to the world. So I resisted and didn't post for a few days. I feel guilty. I've read so many superb posts that have encouraged me to continue to try. So here is a post for Day 28.

We spent Easter with some of our family members. Everyone could not be there, we celebrated with those who could and remembered those members who could not attend. Everyone brought food and treats. I made cupcakes that we decorated on Saturday. I found directions on Pintrest to decorate the cupcakes to look like chicks and bunnies. They weren't exactly the same, but the little kids grinned when they say them and the cupcakes tasted great! I also took chocolate bunnies and my standby, potato salad. I took the picture book, Peep and Egg, and it read to the little guys. They sat for the story to be read a couple of times. The day was fun, we made new memories.

In the afternoon our son and his wife headed home so we visited the aunt who lives in the nursing facility. We took her an Easter basket with sugar free chocolates. She said her son brought her an Easter basket and those were the first ever! We sat together and talked about our day with the family, trying to brighten her day. It was difficult to leave. Then we visited a long time friend in the hospital. She and her husband were both surprised to see us. We sat and told stories for two hours. We had such a nice visit remembering how our lives intertwined.

At the end of the day, I could not think of a better way to have spent our day.


  1. We are always most critical of ourselves. I love reading your posts and think you are a great writer. I love that you mix it up with poetry, stories, photos, a few lines...very creative! I missed writing a couple of days this weekend and was disappointed about that. Thanks for sharing Two Writers with me because I have really enjoyed participating.

    1. You are right about being critical of ourselves. Thank you for the supportive comments. I love the Two Writing Teachers site, connecting with others and learning new ways of teaching. I'm glad you've joined in.


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