Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SOL #16 Day 29

My cell phone rings and I don't recognize the phone number. I had a call earlier from a number I didn't recognize and it was from my allergist. I thought this second call might be a similar call. When I answered hello, the caller asked, "Who's this?" 
My first response was, "Who is this?" 
I heard a little laugh and the caller said, "Wrong number." Then she hung up. It must have been a wrong number, but I wondered how she knew with so few words. Was it my voice? How did I sound? What should I have said? I was thinking first she should have stated who she was. Should have told her my name? Our conversation was over before it really began. 


  1. The questions are what make this piece! From the short "conversation" to the inner dialogue it left for you to consider, you create a story out of questions!

  2. Your comment astounds me, thank you so much.

  3. I agree with Morgan... and we can all relate to the bizarre questions that unfold from a wrong number.

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