Thursday, March 31, 2016

SOL #16 Day 31

Some numbers in my life:

2 children in my 1st grade class
3 years to earn BS in Elem Ed  
4 # principals I worked with in 29 yrs
5 years worked in the shoe factory
6 # jobs all for 1 school district
7 shoe size that used to be a 6
8 # of classic cars
9 counties assigned for work
10 years at 3rd career-Conservation Ed!
11th Gr. Lunch cost .20 hot dog & soda
12th Gr. 1st trip to NOLA
14 # Nieces & nephews
16 age got driver's license
17 age graduated High School
20 age got married
22 age started college
25 age Mom died, began teaching
29 years worked in school I graduated
34 my age we adopted our son
38 acres of land we own
44 years married
57 age earned Ed.D Ed. Leadership
$90 cost of sem. undergrad tuition 1974
$275 cost of sem. graduate tuition 2000 

Numbers do tell part of a story.



  1. What a great way to use numbers in a post. They did tell your story!

  2. Love how you used numbers to tell your story. I will need to remember this for next year.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was fun deciding what to include!

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  4. Sometimes numbers say a lot!

  5. What a great story idea. One I am sure to try. Thanks for sharing. Times have changed since the .20 hotdog.

  6. I love that the numbers start by counting up by 1's- very creative. The choice that you took bigger jumps with the numbers shows maybe how milestones become more spread out or the fact that we constantly are looking forward. Great structure!

    1. Yes, it does seem that I was busy and didn't have milestones as ofter! Thank you for commenting!

  7. This was very creative and took some time. Love this and want to try it, too. :)