Friday, March 9, 2018

#SOL 2018 Day 9 The new glasses actually allow me to read while wearing them!

While on vacation the last of February, my son dropped me off so I could run inside a clothing shop shop. Once inside I fumbled for my regular glasses. I knew I just had them. I was wearing my sunglasses so I couldn't see inside my purse. I stopped looking for them and shopped by taking the sunglasses off to read a price tag and putting them on to see farther away. When my son picked me up I told him I needed to drive the exact same path when he first dropped me off. We were going by slowly when I spied the case. I quickly jumped out and grabbed them. Once inside the car, I looked at the glasses inside. Not broken, huh. But the ear pieces were definitely warped. I scanned the directory to find a shop specializing in eye glasses. I went by to show them my regular glasses and ask if they could do anything. They were afraid to put any stress on the ear pieces so I put them back on and walked out. I could make do with them until I flew home the next day.

At home I searched for a decent pair of older glasses. Each pair I found had something wrong. One pair had a broken ear piece. Another pair was missing the nose pad. But I had to choose the best pair to wear until I could get to a place to repair my eyeglasses. After a week, I realized the pair of glasses I was wearing was missing a piece off the front temple. Because I had another dr. appointment in town, I made a stop to visit the shop where I had bought a couple pair of my eye glasses.  They looked at the pair I was wearing, searched in their records and told me I had purchased them in 2012. I think I had got my money's worth from them. It was time to order a new pair. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had an insurance policy that paid for most of the cost! That was on Wednesday and today they called to tell me my glasses were in. I made a special trip to pick them up.

I am so happy with the new glasses! I don't even have to lift them up to read small print. I can look at my phone without taking off the glasses. I have not had a pair that fit this good in a long time, actually ever.

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  1. It really is awesome when the glasses work out perfect. No more exercise with the up and down, up and down motion. :)