Friday, March 2, 2018

SOL Day 2 I write about my Busy Day

Day 2 and I'm struggling with what to write.
I had a busy day so I'll write about it. I had planned to do some painting in my studio but my plans fell apart.
I was up at 6 am to walk the dog. After the outside time, we all had a quick breakfast and I helped my husband find a part in his garages. He had an erran to run so I began cleaning house. I vacuumed 4 rooms of carpet, dusted, changed the bed sheets, and completed some laundry. I also read and commented on a few slices between jobs.

At 10:30 my husband returned and I helped him. We put the hitch in the pick-up receiver, hooked up a car trailer, unloaded a car, parked it in the garage, he backed the trailer into a shed and we loaded a car frame (no motor or steering wheel) onto the trailer and strapped it down.

It was lunch time, a salad and a trip to the bank for some folding money.

Back to work in the house. Make some phone calls to reschedule a doctor appointment, check on a job, and call a hotel to see if I'd left my ankle boots there while on vacation last week.

Coffee break for me while he delivered the car frame. But then he called because didn't grab any cash and needed to wash off the car frame. So I drove 3 miles to town to take him a couple dollars.

I did watch a painting video while he was gone. It was a bluebird, I'm hoping to try it tomorrow.

When he returned, we got the dog outside again while we unhooked the trailer, attached the scooter lift, loaded the scooter, strapped it down, parked it under the overhang. He was getting ready for an early morning trip to a swap meet.

We drove back into town to get a couple items for dinner, pick up the mail and get gas in my car.

Prepare dinner, enjoy it then clean the kitchen, fold laundry, make the bed...and time to read and comment on a few more slices.


  1. Who has time for a job? The to-do never ends, does it? Hopefully all the work you did today will help you have time to work on that bluebird tomorrow.

    1. Right? But I feel a need to... go back to work. I think...
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Talk about a busy day! I am tired just reading it. Glad you found time to post.

  3. A busy day, and sounds like lots of hard work -- all that hitching, strapping down... I hope you get a good night's sleep after that.

    1. Thank you. Up early to hit the road but we will nap this afternoon.

  4. Whew! This makes me tired reading everything you accomplished in one day! Checked on a job??? :)

  5. Well, I’m bored and would like some $$ that isn’t set aside for something! Ha. PB is hiring a part time teacher for gifted middle school students next yr.