Saturday, March 3, 2018

SOL Day 3 special day visiting with former coworkers and friends

Time spent with friends from the past made my day special. Today I went to a wedding shower for a daughter of my former coworkers. They were actually more than coworkers. I was high school counselor when he was the band director. Our educational philosophies were similar. We supported each other during times with irrational school leaders.

My son went on numerous marching band trips with the band director. His wife attended as a cosponsor and she was Winter Guard coach. My son served as assistant setting up Winter guard performances with them . My husband served on the school board when the band director was offered the position of high school principal then superintendent. I was the junior high principal when his wife first started teaching junior high English. Our lives were once closely intertwined but we lost touch over the past 11 years.

Children grow up, go away to college, get engaged and make their own way in this world. They watched over my child as he matured. I watched from a distance as their two children became adults.   I was excited for the opportunity to catch up with these friends. The young daughter has grown into a remarkable young woman. She is working on a Masters degree and planning for a doctorate in a medical field of radiation therapy.

It was good to reminisce and touch base with this family.

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  1. It's always fun to catch up! I'm glad it worked out that you could visit with your friends. :)


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