Thursday, March 1, 2018

SOL Day 1 Beach Time leads to making dog treats

Just last week I was at the beach. It was beautiful, breezy and warm. I think it's been four years since I'd walked barefoot in the sand, that's much too long. I'd love to live there, the next best thing is getting to spend a few days soaking up the warmth.

Several reasons attract me to the beach. Exercise is natural. Every morning I walked up and down the sandy shore. Eating non processed foods is easy. At least once a day we ate fresh seafood. Red snapper is my favorite. Breezes coming off the ocean are a delight. I don't even get hot. I'm drawn to create. The scenery begs to be painted. New experiences provide for a creative outlet.

This trip was for a nephew's beach wedding, so several family members were there too. We enjoyed visiting together, the cousins even took a few selfies as proof. Not all could attend so one niece did a live video on FB for friends and family back home. I tried to stay out of the range of filming, then when we got home my husband said he couldn't find me there. Ha.

On our last day we happened upon a farmers market. The food was amazing. We sampled a variety of fresh foods. I bought pumpkin cinnamon treats for my Golden Retriever back home. Oh my, did she love them. So much that I searched online for a similar recipe. This morning I made her treats that taste good! I know because I had to sample them.

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  1. I love your beach descriptions and could feel the breeze blowing in my hair as I read. There's always a sea breeze at the beach. So now you're eating doggie snacks...haha LOVE that last line! :) I'll bet Ellie likes her new treats!


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