Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 16 SOL #2017 Visiting a friend who had back surgery

Today we visited a friend in the hospital, he had back surgery on Tuesday. Nurse notes on the whiteboard in his room reminded me of my own back surgery 9 years ago. "No feet up, sitting only for 30 minutes, walk every hour, lie flat" and ...

I remembered walking every hour up and down my driveway. 
And I remembered not sitting longer than 30 minutes. 
I remembered that I didn't get in a car for 6 weeks. 

He is twenty years older than I was when I had my surgery. He was doing well, looked great, talked great and complained that he had to buzz the nurses station when he wanted to go to the bathroom. I told him it was because they didn't want him to fall and he nodded.

I remembered going to therapy.
And I remembered going to back school.
I remembered using an expensive blow-up pillow when I rode in a car. 

Then I read the writing on the opposite wall. It said, "call, don't fall". I smiled to myself. Not much had changed in 9 years. As we left I told him to do everything they told him because he would not want to go through the surgery a second time.

I still use the pillow when I ride.
I still exercise to strengthen my back.
I still move every 30 minutes or work while standing at a desk.


  1. I feel your pain! I had back surgery 9 years ago. It is still a constant struggle and flairs up often (especially on the nerve). It was a rough recovery! I wish your friend an easy recovery and relief from his pain.

    1. Thank you. I hope you continue to get stronger as well.

  2. Yikes! This sounds very painful! And long term!

    1. Yes, it seems long term, but not always painful. It usually is not far from conscious thought. Many people have much worse conditions.

  3. I think your advice is good advice for everyone. Move every 30 minutes! :)

    1. That's probably true. I think more people are using a standing desk because of other health benefits.


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