Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 25 SOL #2017 Visit to the AT&T store

On Thursday, my son texted with news of super new internet availability my rural area. I was pretty pumped.

Over the years I've gone from dial-up to wi-fi USB Connect to a newer version to an internet dish. Each has its own problems. Sometimes when I used up all the allowable data before the time period was over, I shut off the gadget. I'd get messages to use wi-fi elsewhere. Remember I live in a rural area. There is no wi-if access within 30 minutes.

I've heard of communities that have vans park in the locale to provide internet access to community members. I've heard of concerns about internet access for 3rd world countries. I've experienced the push by companies to order medicines, update information, or watch a video on line.

Currently I have internet by two providers, just so I can pay bills online, watch painting videos on you tube, or get email on my phone without going over the allowable data.

It's frustrating to have limited access to internet. So today I headed to the AT & T store to speak with a representative. She just happened to be a former student. She was so helpful! She said calling would have been difficult because most representatives would not be aware of the new test area. Two other former students worked there too. They were all smiles! The experience was nothing like waiting on the phone or trying to order online!

The order was placed, I should have the device in 3 weeks. I'm excited.


  1. That's fantastic!!!! It's amazing to me that there is still such limited access in some areas still. Crazy! And how sweet that your former students helped you out.

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yes, I feel so out of touch at times. It was great to see those students again, we had a nice catching up conversation.