Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#A to Z Challenge Letter P is for Panama City Beach, Pecan Pie and Pumpkins made into Jack-O-Lanterns

Another place I love to visit is Panama City Beach or PCB for short. This spot is close to Tyndill Airforce Base. It is very secluded because it is hard to find. Most roads are marked "Do Not Enter" because the area is owned by the US AirForce. It took us a couple days to get enough nerve to drive down one of those roads toward this beach. After a short hike from the parking lot, we were in heaven: white sands and clear, blue water. We walked the length of the peninsula and were rewarded with manta ray sightings and unusual shells.

Making pecan pie is one of my go to desserts. It always turns out great! Here is one I made last Christmas:

I had to show you these pumpkins made by these children last Halloween. They had a blast. I'm trying to learn how to take night photos.


  1. Pecan Pie? Sign me it and love your crust design. PNC sounds fun. It's a beach I've never been to...yet. :) Love your photos. Great job on the night time one!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments!

  3. Is PCB in Florida? I stayed in Panama City, FL when I did a road trip circumnavigating the US. Didn't make it to the beach though!

    1. Yes, it is in the Panhandle of Fla. you have to get off the main road. It also has lots of older hotels traditionally for spring breakers inMarch.